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dark horse alliance


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A monthly income of 5000 yuan is how to complete the plan to make money

          to do one thing, the simpler the treatment, the easier it is to achieve. The new owners only a typing, want every month there are 1000-5000 yuan of income, but also a very simple matter, the following is my research out of the "five simple steps to make money", let me easily reach the goal:

            the first step: collecting

picked up 200 very popular, the world’s top ranked forum.

I copy these forums directly in the WORD document, the establishment of a document, in order to manage – a good start, is to do a good job, do not fight unprepared battle.

second step: register

For the convenience of

, I just chose a slightly complicated name to register (sngon29wn), the 9 digit, and then made a simple password (7 digits), 200 sites all registered the same name — after it is easy to manage, easy to remember and carry out the work.

after registration, I was once a day, and when I landed, choose "save password settings, save for a period of one year, as long as I do not reinstall the computer, I will as soon as you open the 200 sites, I is a direct landing, after landing the saving red (a little careful machine, for more convenient).

third step: pick

I’m starting to release the information.

according to the size of the site, plate and classification of the forum, a general category of picking a good popularity, and I released the contents of consistent Forum — to avoid because of their published content is not consistent with being deleted.

another principle is: a site, as far as possible only pick 2 – 5 forums. Only 163.com or sina.com portal site, I will pick some more. The second is the city where the hotline website forum, the popularity of super good, is my choice, I will choose a few of these websites, the forum to release.

fourth step: release

site (www.bjmskzy.com) enclosure is completed, the foundation also played well, I want to start publishing information – the most critical step.

The beginning of an

, I will be the 20-40 information form (myself before this by written publicity articles stored in your computer.), in short, advertising feel more light is better, light to let others feel that you are to provide good information, let us be grateful.

then, I spent 2 Nights chatting with my old friends while releasing information.

work, is to

Sell Alexa

On the Google search "Alexa", the results of simplified Chinese more than 70 thousand. Now, Alexa ranking has been the most common word of the website of the mouth of the word. So, what does this Alexa do? It is what makes the domestic website look? What are some little-known secrets of Alexa? Our reporter through in-depth investigation and interviews, and strive to restore a true Alexa reader, which is a lot of information disclosed in the media for the first time.

in the toolbar.

Huang Hua employees are CEO

As a manager, you are not often encountered, feel good employees suddenly leave the situation. When you ask them why they leave, their answers are basically the same: either the salary is too low, or that you want to have more room to play. In the face of such complaints, managers are also very helpless, because in fact the salary given from the industry level is not low, and you feel that you have given them room to play.

that the main problem lies in what place? In fact, in my opinion, it is often they do not have empathy, if the staff as CEO, or employees themselves as CEO, what will change.

if the staff as CEO, managers will be able to realize, not to please employees because there is a need to fill his position, but a continuous change and innovation of enterprises (especially service enterprises). But most of the managers are not hiring an ordinary staff recruitment as a CEO occupation, disciplined and well full confidence and authority of psychological preparation, purely because it is just such a gap, at the same time there is such an expenditure, and there is such a clear job responsibility. The result is: first of all the staff recruitment standard of strong colors, just do their job regardless of team cooperation; secondly, the staff always feel if their full pay will return for enterprises and is not proportional, so they think that only pay the corresponding wages and effort. That’s what we used to say about the lack of ownership.

typical case and, as the world’s largest web search service provider Google, is to encourage employees to free Entrepreneurship (in fact is a kind of spirit of CEO, just don’t call). In early April this year, the company launched four kinds of drinks developed by their employees, the brand is called "Google Gulp", which is more than

Mobile SP layered new regulations promulgated by the integration of resources to support quality SP

      recently, China Mobile launched the SP hierarchical management approach based on credit management, through the comprehensive evaluation of credit and the level of performance of the SP SP rating, and the implementation of differentiated service resource allocation for different levels of SP. Excellent SP will have the opportunity to get more favorable resources.
      China Mobile hopes this management mode can further promote the integrity of business SP, and realize the reasonable matching of examination results and the allocation of resources, so as to introduce fair competition mechanism for Monternet market Jiangyoufalie ".

last January, China Mobile launched SP (service provider) credit score management model has become a hot spot, the media praised the move is expected to solve the problem of industry credit management. Reporters learned that the credit management system launched a year has achieved good market effect, has been recognized by users, partners and government departments. According to the relevant person in charge of China Mobile, since the credit management system, the overall volume of complaints Monternet gradually decreased, the degree of integrity and regulate the operation of SP has been significantly improved, compared with the end of 05, by the end of 06 the number of Monternet business complaints decreased 55%, SP decreased most complaints. China Mobile began to implement the credit score management system, other operators have launched a similar initiative, and even many foreign telecom operators also expressed concern about this innovative management approach.

news from China Mobile said, based on the SP credit score comprehensive evaluation of credit will become a unified threshold for SP to participate in the rating of each business line. Credit qualified SP will be able to participate in the excellent SP rating, China Mobile will have the strength or potential of the excellent SP implementation of the proportion of business cooperation resources and marketing resources differentiated distribution. In the implementation of hierarchical management, the higher the level of SP in the number of business, business applications, such as the number of cooperation resources have more space. At the same time, excellent SP can also get the support of marketing resources, so as to enjoy the broad market terminal China Mobile distribution and strong marketing penetration. In order to better motivate the benign operation of SP, grade SP is not fixed, but by the three month period to adjust the ranking, the new SP in the service rating after the expiration of 3 months in the recent period, made in the evaluation level in accordance with the "normal" level of support services.

insiders said that the introduction of SP hierarchical management approach, which means that China Mobile to strengthen management at the same time, began to focus on SP positive guidance and incentives. This approach will run for the integrity of the operation SP to create space for development, better support the sound development of the industry, and through the complementary advantages of operators and SP both resources and effective integration, achieve the combination of the two expand the breadth and depth of cooperation between the two sides. Based on this system, China Mobile will gradually form a solid "good faith alliance" with the excellent SP

Propaganda media launched the release of the red envelope

advertising media (www.ads8.com) was formally established in October 2002, its current site traffic is about 30 million IP, the daily advertising display reached 80 million times is a leading professional provider of Internet advertising. Over the years focused on the Internet advertising planning, promotion, marketing research, to provide customers with various forms of online advertising services, the success of a number of well-known enterprises for brand building and market development.

advertising media will be the spirit of "grow together with the Chinese webmaster, come on for Chinese webmaster mentality, with the principle of equality and mutual benefit, work, from the fundamental interests of owners, individual owners attention Chinese future China attention to development of the Internet, for personal benefit the whole process of Changying station, to provide a full range of a dragon service.

propaganda media launched the current distribution of red envelopes in the year of the rat, the activities are as follows:

1 new owners from now on to become members of the media publicity will be able to participate in the activities of the release of red envelopes.

2 red envelopes activities for a period of one month, the deadline is: March 15th, as long as the new owners to register as a member, through our customer service staff audit, you can get 20 yuan. Red directly included in the account, through the audit of the webmaster can log in to see the amount of


3 red envelopes every day is not limited, that is, that is, until the end of the trial.

4 active address: http://www.ads8.com/hongbao/

Star caterpillar Taobao guest tutorial (1) single page advantage secret

is actually a lot of people are doing Taobao, but Taobao – a lot of people do not make any money, money is only a small part of the people. A lot of people do a period of time after the Taobao guest will find that they have done so long, spent so much effort did not make money, but do not know where they failed.

so here, I can tell you is: 90% Taobao customers failed for three reasons:

A: did not choose to promote merchandise

a lot of new customers in the time to do Taobao, for the promotion of the choice of goods, there is no effective technique, resulting in low profits, and the turnover rate is low. A lot of people are piling up a lot of goods on the site, but it is no one to buy, a pile of a large number of goods Taobao site a few days of profits, not a single page of the day’s high profits. In addition, how to choose a high margin of goods, the choice of high conversion rate of goods, are not familiar with many novice.

B: there is no most effective and fastest way to promote

Many novice

in the promotion of the time, are old methods with the spread of the Internet for a long time, in the forum, Baidu know answer questions, and blog like old relatively outdated promotion methods, but the effect is not obvious, there is no kind of stability and long. When we promote a period of no income, you will feel the confidence to be hit.

C: no stick

a lot of people after a period of time, found no income, they gave up. Patience is required to do Taobao customers, if there is no patience, in front of your efforts will be cast to waste. As long as adhere to, but also adhere to, in order to see the dawn of victory.

many novice did not make money, mainly due to the above 3 reasons.

next to talk about a single page why make money, it is better than those API Taobao mall what are the advantages and do not need a lot of articles and content, but also to get a good ranking. A normal 100IP-200ip single page station, a month to earn 1 thousand to 2 thousand, or easily.

A: single product, easy to manage

as long as the addition of a class of products, the page is only one, it is more convenient to manage

B: can effectively locate the audience

we do a single page, are generally optimized for long tail keywords, such as the search for the most effective weight loss products to our stand, the conversion rate is relatively high, have a strong desire to buy.

C: high profit

single page is generally a number of popular, high commission for the promotion of commodities, such as whitening, weight loss, breast enhancement, such as the Commission is very impressive.

after reading today, we have a simple understanding of Taobao customers to make money, after I >

The 7 entrepreneurial experiences learned from the richest people in the world

if you want to know the "trade secrets" from the global billionaires, just listen to it. Of course, if you have a chance, you can ask them directly. In fact, many rich people are willing to share their experiences and lessons, but also willing to tell others that they have encountered risks and mistakes made. In fact, if you can absorb the essence, it will be of great help to their success.


1 Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft

don’t be afraid to grow. Gates said, "you know, when we started the Microsoft Corp in 1975, we said we had to have a computer on every desk and in every home. In fact, we did not even know that it is possible to develop into a large enterprise. In fact, every time I think, oh, God, we can not put the scale again? "Apparently, Gates brought the development of the company to overcome the fear, but the biggest experience here we learned is that the creation of a giant enterprise is not his ultimate goal. He is full of passion, has the vision to create a better future, and actively to achieve all this.

2 Steve, apple founder

"to be the richest man in the world is not important to me. And every night before I go to bed, I can say to myself that we did something amazing, and that’s the most important thing for me." This is one of Jobs’s most famous quotes, and perhaps the best advice he has ever given. Like Bill Gates, Jobs wanted to change the world and make the world a better place. Do not forget the original intention is his most valued.

3 Sylvester · Stallone, actor, writer, director

"I’m not the richest person in the world. I’m not the most intelligent, talented person, and I can be successful because I’ve been moving forward, moving forward." Stallone was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, no one would guess that he can get such great fame and wealth. Before he launched the film "Luo Qi", he starred in a movie, in fact, Stallone himself wrote the "Luo Qi" script, but also the film’s lead and director. The film was a great success for Stallone, and one of the few films without negative comments. Today, Stallone continues his career, he said, dedication is the key to his success.

4 · dangote business magnate, businessman;

"if you don’t have ambition, you shouldn’t live in this world. "It sounds very harsh at first sight. But Dangote believes that ambition is the most important thing in a person. It determines what kind of person you are and what makes you unique. It was ambition that made him successful, and when he was looking for a partner or an employee

New entrants Taobao businesses how to share a cup of soup in the Wangzhuan


now do Taobao business is not what happens, but want to highlight in the vast sea of their own is not easy, especially for new entrants to the Taobao business, is even more difficult to win customers. How to share a cup of soup in the Wangzhuan? Taobao business channel and I, the three step for new entrants to win customer business.

1 selected goods – quality first

open Taobao shop is the first thing to find products, good products to win the trust of customers, but also a good product can help you get a good reputation, continue to grow and develop, stand firm on the internet. Product quality is the guarantee of our survival, so we must carefully select the product to find.

to find products to pay attention to many aspects, such as the current popular products is a good choice, but also to consider the long-term interests, if a product can only do a period of time, so it did not take long to find products, and for products not only trouble also affect sales, so the best choice just began to rise, and a certain the development potential of the goods. Choose products and goods than three, this is the way you can find cheap and good quality.

tips: many products have their own production base, so you can start on these bases, such as the origin of clothing mainly concentrated in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Guangdong area, comparing these local supply styles representative, and the price is cheap, is a good choice; and cosmetics is in Shanghai and Guangdong. Other products are the same, if you go to the production base to Amoy products, it is easier to find what you want.

2 promotion – the premise of success

is now even an ordinary business leaders also know to do advertising, Taobao business is even more so, there are many pioneers have taught us how to brush reputation, although this is not a bright road, but no credit there is no sales, so the new businesses in the beginning must be planning to promote shop.

promotion means is the first brush reputation, reputation is too low the store is very difficult to make customers want to buy, to choose a good reputation brush brush drill platform, but also pay attention to not anxious, cheating is excessive taobao.com check to be heavy penalties, so as to establish or add The loss outweighs the gain.; related industries through the QQ group, QQ popularity to promote their shops; emerging channels — micro-blog marketing by micro-blog, the popularity is also very high, good publicity will let you win a large number of customers here. Promotion is far more than this, as long as you are good at discovering, forums, blogs, questions and answers, and so are you a good place to promote their own.

3 perfect service flow – the protection of re sale

no matter how good the product also has the service to make the safeguard, the consummation service flow may promote the transaction, also is the guarantee which sells again. Service personnel to have a comprehensive understanding of their products, including Follow-Up Services and exchange principle, logistics time; customer service personnel should have patience, to the customer to give timely and detailed solutions; customer service should pay attention to the logistics, timely.

There are no shortcuts to SP self-help

      and to report inventory, past performance is extraordinary Hurray recently released their 2007 two quarter earnings, although there is no loss, but only a net profit of $200 thousand is not really what is the face of things. At the same time, the Ministry of information industry is also increasing the management of illegal SP, SP is facing the rectification of the business, the credit score, the suspension of new business and other different degrees of punishment.

in fact, the year before the operators have begun to implement a similar two confirmed measures, but is used as a means to punish illegal SP. Last year "two times to confirm the real thing, a lot of SP complain incessantly. A Shenzhen SP executives to pole ChinaByte revealed their tens of thousands of users were tested. The results showed that the two confirmed 98% of the users will not renew.

side is the loss of the user, the other side is the user of SP is not good faith or bad information report. The user is not only the God of SP, but also hurt by SP, what is the reason for this situation?

domestic SP development has its historical reasons. Domestic operators in the development of value-added services at the beginning of the absence of a clear code of conduct, excessive indulgence is the result of abnormal growth of SP." As the exhibition of fine search analyst Rao, many SP in the past few years profit almost so also created a trend which cannot be halted, the NASDAQ SP China legend.

however, there is no rule of the SP market is not a pure land. Spam messages, SMS fraud, pornography, forced customization, allowing consumers to face their own business even if love can only stay away, who can guarantee that behind the beautiful rhetoric is not a reckless with greed trap? So, standard management is to restore the trust of consumers will need to do.

however, an undeniable fact is that some SP left the integrity of the information is difficult to maintain the development of enterprises, is bound to SP some mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, from the curtain on the stage. "It is true that there are one or two SP in the country before the renovation of SP, has now disappeared half." Senior consultant Baina telecommunications consulting new business marketing consulting Wang Zhenlong said.

"in spite of this, a lot of viable enterprises will continue to live. They either have innovative content resources, or have excellent technical skills, or to provide application solutions, new operators in short, content, technology and integration capability is the key to the continued development of SP." Rao said.

is one of the industry to its ChinaByte, they recently with an operator in the plan of service cooperation, develop a new idea. "Our goal is the user who Tibet (Tibet) people, to provide location information and insurance related with their personal interests for their services."

This service is

than traditional MMS, customized ringing tone is more innovative, but also can get more.